Team Launch

Shule Going


The MAAP / RITTE team is an amateur team based in Melbourne, made up of guys from all walks of life. The crew are a tight bunch of mates who love riding and racing and taking part in the local scene. You will see the guys across everything from crits, gran fondo’s, road race’s and cyclocross. 

One of the main aims with this team is to introduce our new products through the rigours of racing before it makes its way to you. We’re constantly refining our concepts and we want to bring only the best to the market.



We’ve partnered with some great brands on this project and we can’t wait to share our experiences with you. Check back on the blog to stay updated on what the boys are up to. 


Sponsors: Ritte Cycles, Poc Sports, Knight Composites.



Jack Cummings @jackcums1994

Shule Going @shulegoing

Charles Howlett @chucky11

David Mclean @discodavemclean

Michael Moore @mikeyslicks

Andy Rogers @fameandspear

Riley Wolff @thewolfferine


Photography: Jeff Curtes

Film: Simon Atkinson