Take the Detour

Same roads. Different perspectives.

The MAAP Detour Collection and Base series is about a simple idea – take the detours. Make the familiar new, and the unfamiliar a common port of call. Everyday, we get up earlier than most, we challenge our comfort zone and we go out further than planned. Whether it's one of your routine routes or somewhere you’ve never been, every road ridden brings with it fresh perspective.

the gradients

Each product in the Detour and Base series links MAAP’s commitment to well-balanced performance fabrications with a more mature color palette. Whether you’re training, racing, taking off to the hinterlands, every garment is designed to take on the demands of warm weather riding. Celebrate the different gradients summer has in store.


Introducing the
Detour Collection

With lighter days and longer distances, summer riding comes in many different shades. This calls for adaptable and resilient designs that can move with you as you to take on changing conditions. The Detour collection is made with lightweight and highly compressive fabrications that have smart perforated paneling for added breathability and moisture wicking fibers to regulate your core body temperature.

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The Base Series

With a minimalist design approach, the Base Series delivers on simplicity and utility. Engineered to perform in any terrain, in any condition.

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The Lightweight Sock

Our ultimate lightweight technical performance sock. The fabric properties and optimized mesh and knitting texture for fit and breathability allow the sock to essentially disappear while riding, running or walking the city. Don’t shy away from taking a closer look to see the difference.

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