This is the home of the hard men. In Belgium, you need to love all things wet, windy and dirty. A ride here isn’t complete without taking on some grim conditions across bone-shuddering and teeth-chattering cobbles. If you make it to the finish of your ride in one piece, then it’s guaranteed to be rewarded with a healthy serving of some well-deserved frites and a beer.

The first 50 riders that register for the ride will receive a free limited-edition and Brussels-specific cap.

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Saturday 8th, September | 8am - 12pm


Total distance: 80.5km | Elevation gain: 807m

Meet for coffee at Bikelife at 8am before we all roll out together at 8:30am. From Bikelife, we’ll go at tempo to two major monuments in Belgium – the muur of Geraardsbergen and Bosberg. The truly punchy route around the Flemish Ardennes will make the countryside roads outside of Brussels tough but memorable. Get ready!

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